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Seven Hospitals Found with High Levels of Airborne Bacteria

Seven Hospitals Found with High Levels of Airborne Bacteria

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has ordered seven medical institutions to improve their respective indoor air quality following a series of inspections targeting 23 medical facilities across the city. Violators will be fined between NT$5,000 and NT$25,000 if no improvements are made within the designated period.

Premises failing to comply with Indoor Air Quality Act due to bacteria levels exceeding 1500 CFU/m3 include National Taiwan University Hospital; Taipei Chang Kung Memorial Hospital; Wanfang Hospital; Heping Hospital; Taipei Medical University Hospital; National Taiwan University Children’s Hospital; and Mackay Children’s Hospital. The carbon dioxide concentrations at Heping Hospital also exceeded the alarming level of 1000 ppm.

According to DEP, hospitals are hotbeds for various kinds of bacteria and microorganisms, especially during flu season. The indoor spaces of medical institutions should be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized, offer good air circulation, and be equipped with ultraviolet sterilization or ozone disinfection systems if necessary.

A total of eight medical centers and 15 district hospitals in Taipei have been promulgated as premises to be regulated by the Indoor Air Quality Act. These facilities are required to assign dedicated personnel to monitor and manage indoor air quality at the facilities.

DEP also urges premises not yet announced as spaces regulated by the Indoor Air Quality Act to take measures in ensuring public health, such as signing up for the “Pubic Space Indoor Air Quality Self-Administered Management Certification” scheme.

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