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Xinagshan Park Inclusive Playground Opens to Celebrate Children’s Day

Xinagshan Park Inclusive Playground Opens to Celebrate Children’s Day

Mayor Ko Wen-je inaugurated the inclusive playground at Xiangshan Park in Xinyi District. The occasion also celebrates the United Nations Universal Children’s Day on November 20.

Formerly known as Zhongqiang Park, Xiangshan Park has undergone overhaul works to incorporate play-for-all facilities. The project is aimed at raising public awareness on the importance of children’s rights while echoing the City’s objective to establish the “second generation parks.”

According to Ko, considerable effort has been invested towards the enhancement of parks’ functionality – the “Lungs of a City.” A second-generation park should achieve the following: serve as a recreational place, have a unique theme, and promote eco-concepts. In light of this, Xiangshan Park adopts the theme of “Taipei tree frog, greenness, and aquatic life,” as the frog species is indigenous to the capital of the island.

After consulting numerous opinions from civic groups, the city government decided to make Xiangshan Park the sixth green space boasting accessible amenities. The park will join other green space sites including Rongxing Garden Park, Dajia Riverside Park, Zhongyan Park, Bihu Park, and Shilin No.4 Park.

The mayor pledged that the City will draft plans to phase out old parks in favor of second-generation parks for the sake of children, who are the future of this country.

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