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TPEDOIT Commissioner Greets Japanese Students on Overseas Field Trip

TPEDOIT Commissioner Greets Japanese Students on Overseas Field Trip

To welcome a group of high school students from Soshigakuen High School in Japan’s Okayama Prefecture, Commissioner Chien Yu-yen of the Department of Information and Tourism personally prepared dishes of spring rolls at a local Taiwanese restaurant for the young visitors on November 12.

Every year, the period between October and March marks the high season for overseas field trips for Japanese students. The delegation from Soshigakuen High School comprises 117 teachers and students. They will spend 4 days in Taipei visiting local landmarks such as Taipei 101 and conducting exchange with Dao Jiang Senior High School of Nursing and Home Economics.

In the past, the majority of Japanese high schools often select English-language countries as their ideal destinations for overseas field trips. Figures show that only 9 Japanese high schools visited Taiwan in the year 2003.

However, the island’s geographic location, the people’s friendly attitude towards Japanese, and low crime rate have boosted Taiwan’s ranking to the top of the chart of overseas field trip destination for Japanese high schools in a decade’s time.

According to statistics from Japan’s Education Tour Institute, Taiwan has surpassed the US and Singapore to become the top destination of overseas field trip for Japanese high school. In 2015 alone, a total of 36,356 students from 224 schools across Japan traveled to Taiwan for activities ranging from trips to school affair exchanges.

Chien noted that the city government places a heavy emphasis on attracting Japanese tourists by investing continuous effort in promotions. The recent marketing campaign “Feel Taipei” is designed specifically for the Japanese market. She hopes that the visiting students will be able to experience the hospitality of Taipei and share their experience with their friends and families, convincing them to visit Taipei themselves in the future.  

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