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2017 Taipei Land Administration Week Sheds Light on Smart Community Development

2017 Taipei Land Administration Week Sheds Light on Smart Community Development

Mayor Ko Wen-je stressed that land is the key to survival and that creating a livable and sustainable environment is a top priority on the city government’s agenda. He made the remarks at the press event for 2017 Taipei Land Administration Week on November 7.

To realize the vision, Department of Land Administration (DLA) has carried out a series of measures that allow land related services to “go smart” with the help of advanced technologies, Ko noted.

What is equally important is the effort to achieve living justice. The city government has the responsibility to ensure the execution of sound land policies, for example, property tax management, to pave the way for a healthy real estate market.

In addition, DLA has engaged in laying out an urban picture spotlighting communities with the concept of “smart ecosystem.” The public are invited to visit the week-long event consisting of lectures, symposiums, and civic café to learn more about the innovative idea.

Ko also shared his discoveries regarding the City’s land development history from another highlight of the event – “Taipei Land Administration e Museum,” featuring exhibitions of works from the smart eco community design competitions, the smart city initiative, and achievements about Nangang District land replanning.

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