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News and Activities

Taipei City Autonomous Vehicle Test Field Program Open for Applications

Taipei City Autonomous Vehicle Test Field Program Open for Applications

Taipei City Government joined Ministry of Science and Technology in holding the “Smart Car International Industry Applications Forum” on November 6.

Experts from Taiwan and abroad were invited to share with participants innovative applications in the area of driverless car technology. The City also took the opportunity to announce the “Taipei City Autonomous Vehicle Test Field Program.”

According to Deputy Mayor Lin Chin-rong, Taipei is a metropolis with an open attitude towards all kinds of experimental and innovative transportation services. The new “Taipei City Autonomous Vehicle Test Field Program,” first of its kind across the island, will be implemented at Beitou-Shilin Technology Park. Local and foreign manufacturers of self-driving cars are welcome to conduct experiments in related technologies at the venue, with a view to establishing a convenient transportation environment incorporating smart technology.

Department of Information Technology Commissioner Lee Wei-bin elaborated that the test field will be used to carry out experiments regarding Internet of Vehicles, autopilot technology, and intelligization of infrastructure. The experience will help industry players improve their products, strengthening their position in the global market.

Attendees at the forum include representatives from Taipei City Government, Ministry of Science and Technology’s Academia-Industry Collaboration Office, MIT Media Lab, Acer, HAITEC, Tesla, Velodyne LiDAR, NVIDIA, 7 Starlake, and Easymile.

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