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News and Activities

Nanchang Furniture Street to Hold Charity Sale This Weekend

Nanchang Furniture Street to Hold Charity Sale This Weekend

The Nanchang Furniture Sale will take place over on November 4 and 5!

Featuring four activities – Membership Offers, Purchase to Enter Raffles, Roll in Bed to Earn Cash, and Hot Merchandise Sale – the event promises to be fun and exciting. In one of the activities, participants will be able to “glue” as much cash as they can by rolling over the bed covered with plenty of banknotes!

According to Taipei City Office of Commerce (TCOOC) Director Tsai Tsung-hsiung, Nanchang Furniture Street is home to clusters of furniture stores. The shops are characterized by their warm and intimate atmosphere that makes customers “feel like home.”

With a history of 66 years, Nanchang Furniture Street has endeavored to cater to consumers’ diverse needs through offering a great selection of furniture for different purposes as well as interior design services.

In gratitude for the support of customers, individuals who make a purchase of NT$5,000 will get a raffle ticket, having a chance to bring home electric scooters, iPhone 8, luxury mattresses, and more. To mark the 66th anniversary of the Nanchang Furniture Street, a charity sale offering 80 percent discount will also be held at the event with proceeds going to orphanages.

To learn more about the event, visit or call (02)2562-6001, ext. 322 or 323.

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