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News and Activities

City Promotes Smart Transportation Achievements at ITS World Congress 2017

City Promotes Smart Transportation Achievements at ITS World Congress 2017

Deputy Mayor Lin Chin-rong embarked on a trip to Canada to attend the ITS World Congress 2017 in Montreal. The event is taking place between October 30 and November 2.

Taipei’s delegation comprises members including Ministry of Transportation and Communications Administrative Deputy Minister Chi Wen-jong and representatives from Intelligent Transportation Society of Taiwan.

Spotlighting the theme of “Next Generation Integrated Mobility: Driving Smart Cities,” the event will see thousands of participants from over 100 countries and areas. The city delegation will take part in a number of forums, exhibitions, displays, and technical sessions, as well as conducting exchanges with intelligent transportation management agencies and industry players spanning automobile manufacturers, autocar companies, automotive electronics, and digital map applications.

To market Taiwan’s intelligent transportation system industry, the city government has joined hands with the private sector to present the island’s achievements in the implementing of smart transportation and smart city policies. The campaign seeks to explore collaborative opportunities with foreign industry players, spur industry development, and market Taipei City.

In addition, the City also demonstrated its ambition to bid for host city of the 2022 ITS World Congress. Through the event, the city government aims to propel industry growth, raise Taipei’ international profile, and promote Taiwan’s soft and hard power.

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