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Surface Decor Renovated for Yishou Bridge Levee

Surface Decor Renovated for Yishou Bridge Levee

Located in Wenshan District, the Yishou Bridge has undergone a facelift operation transforming the old, dull cement surface into a canvas decorated with pandas, giraffes, lions and elephants!

According to the New Construction Office (NCO), the Yishou Bridge sits along the banks of Jinmei River. The structure connects Zhangxin Street on one side to the pedestrian walkway above the levee on the other end.

Closed to vehicle traffic, the bridge is an ideal location for residents to exercise or conduct other leisure activities. The bridge can be considered part of the local trail connecting the nearby riverside pedestrian walkway and levee park bordering the river.

NCO pointed out that due to the bridge’s close vicinity to Taipei Zoo, the new wall painting design incorporated elements of the zoo, including the beloved panda, giraffes, lions, and elephants, as well as the Maokong Gondola.

The public is invited to drop by the bridge when they visit locations in the vicinity such as Taipei Zoo, Daonan Riverside Park, and Maokong Gondola.

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