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Fair Promoting Socks, Shoes Takes Place in Zhongzheng District

Fair Promoting Socks, Shoes Takes Place in Zhongzheng District

The 2017 Good Shoes and Good Socks Fair will take place along Zhongzheng District’s Yuanling Street between November 2 and 12. The event is organized by Yuanling Street merchants and Taiwan Hosiery Manufacturers’ Association.

Known for the high concentration of shoes and socks vendors, Yuanling Street in Taipei boasts one of the most complete collections of shoes variety in town. It is also the place to visit for people who encounter problems with their shoes.

The event has received widespread acclaim from the public over the past 12 years. The organizers display a wide variety of locally-produced merchandise spanning deodorant socks to ventilation socks, hoping to garner support among customers for Made-in-Taiwan wares.

Between November 2 and 4, the organizers will also hold a raffle and grab-a-handful-of-prizes event for those who spend a given amount of money at the fair.

During the period of the fair, a number of performances will also take place at the main stage, including magic show, exotic dance, and saxophone concert.

Yuanling Street is within walking distance from both MRT Ximen Station and MRT Taipei Main Station. The neighborhood is also accessible via various public bus routes.

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