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News and Activities

Retro Party at Taipei Riverside Music Festival This Weekend

Retro Party at Taipei Riverside Music Festival This Weekend

On Saturday, July 15, the “Sounds from the River2017” Taipei Riverside Music Festival will take participants back to the Roaring Twenties!

This week’s event will take place at the Dadaocheng Wharf. The organizers have invited performers including Lee Ping-huei, Shiao Fu-tr, and Wang Jyun-jie. There will also be a fair at the venue, as well as a play performance by members of the Inside Out Dance Theatre.

In addition, the organizers will be holding the “Message in a Bottle” activity in partnership with a number of local businesses. From today until July 15, individuals who make purchases at any of the partner stores (Bookstore 1920s, ArtYard, South St. Delight, and Taiwan Bussan) will receive an empty letter tailored for the event. Only a limited amount of the letters will be available, so pick them up while supply lasts!

On the day of the event, write your message on the designated letter paper and bring it to the information desk of the Sounds from the River 2017 to pick up a bottle issued for the event (only 200 bottles are available on a first-come-first-served basis). Put you letter in the bottle and fill out an application form, and the Department of Information and Tourism will deliver your message to the address on Chinese Valentine’s Day next year!

For more information on the event this weekend and other related upcoming activities, please visit the Chinese website of Sounds from the River 2017 (

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