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Farm City Campaign -- Tech Giants Go Green on Rooftops

Farm City Campaign -- Tech Giants Go Green on Rooftops

On July 13, a group comprising officials from Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) visited ASUS and Gigabyte Technology to witness the the companies’ achievements in green roof projects. The endeavors were imitated to counteract the impact of the urban heat island effect.

Established in 2014, the “ASUS Happiness Farm” spans 500 pings and features a variety of vegetable containers and remodeled flower beds. With a focus on diversity and fitness in the environment, the rooftop farm encourages employees to raise different kinds of vegetable and utilize coffee grounds and leaves as compost.

In addition to the rooftop farm, ASUS also boasts gardens which incorporate the concepts of green energy. The eco-pond aerator, for example, relies on solar panels and electricity generated by bike pedaling.

On the other hand, Gigabyte inaugurated the “G-HOME Sustainable Eco Roof” in 2013. The rooftop of the company’s headquarters is now home to indigenous plants and agricultural patches. Imitating natural ecosystems, G-Home adopts a rainwater harvesting system that can collect up to 1,500 tons of rainwater per year to take care of watering needs. The greening effort, while serving as insulation against heat and absorbing carbon dioxide, also helped to cool the roof down to 25 degrees Celsius.

PSLO Director Huang Li-yuan praised the two corporations for their endeavor to support the City’s green roof initiative by injecting the notions of eco city and farming into the respective buildings. He stressed that such approaches are especially relevant in a city with scarce land resources. The effect of vegetation can be maximized through building roof greenification and construction of vertical balcony gardens.

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