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City Mobilized to Safeguard Food Safety for Taipei Universiade

City Mobilized to Safeguard Food Safety for Taipei Universiade

With the 2017 Summer Universiade approaching, Department of Health (DOH) has allocated a budget of NT$2.4 million in its effort to ensure food safety for participants of the international sports event. As many as 8,000 health officials from Taipei City, New Taipei City, Taoyuan City, Hsinchu City, and Hsinchu County will be mobilized to carry out related tasks.

According to Huang Shier-chieg, DOH Commissioner and Head of Universiade Committee’s Medical Services Department, the City’s “2017 Universiade Food Safety Management Plan” has been approved by FISU. The plan encompasses health lectures, food hygiene inspection and tests, and food poisoning cases report—seeking to safeguard food safety for athletes’ village and sports venues.   

Measures have also been taken against terrorist threat aimed to poison food, in accordance with the Ministry of the Interior’s “Anti-terror Contingency Plan.” The three stage precautions include personnel flow control, food materials logistics control, and onsite hygiene spot checks. Detection of any irregularities will trigger a series of investigative actions accordingly.

A total of eight testing agents and four types of examination equipment will be utilized for screening of illegal food additives or prohibited substances in meat, vegetables, fruits, among other foodstuffs to be consumed by participants of the Universiade. For example, tests will be conducted to detect the presence of ractopamine--an additive to promote leanness in animal meat—due to doping concerns in as fast as 30 minutes.

For inquiries about food safety or hygiene, please call 1999 Citizen Hotline, extension 7079. Related information can also be found on the Chinese DOH website (

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