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Mayor Attends Press Conference for Taiwanese Language Publication

Mayor Attends Press Conference for Taiwanese Language Publication

On June 10, Mayor Ko Wen-je attended the press conference for “The Wisdom of Life, the Flower of the Land: Taiwanese Literature, Books, and Painting Exhibition” at the Taipei 228 Memorial Hall.

During his address at the press conference, the mayor noted that Taiwan is the place where we live and Taiwanese is our mother tongue. However, he realized that the road to the continuation of the language is laden with challenges – even his kids are not fluent with the language.

Ko believes that languages are not only tools for communication, but also representation of cultures. Citing his studies in the US, he noted that when he sat with his American friends to listen to the radio program, he would have a hard time understanding what his American friends would laugh about, even though he understands every word being said by the radio host.

He explained that the reason is language is not only a language: More importantly, language is a culture. He missed out on the jokes because he doesn’t understand the culture itself, even though he comprehends the language. He also mentioned a Taiwanese proverb which he learned from his mother, but many reporters don’t understand the meaning of it. According to Ko, these proverbs reflect values of families, morale, and society, making them both components of the culture and expressions of the culture.

The mayor expressed his gratitude to both the Rotary International of Taipei and Rotary Club of Taipei Taochiang for organizing the activity. He pointed out again that changing Taipei is the first step towards transforming Taiwan, and the first step towards changing Taipei is through culture. Taiwanese is an important element in the culture, because it forms an important foundation in the structure.

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