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Watch Saturn’s Ring with Telescope at TAM

Watch Saturn’s Ring with Telescope at TAM

The beautiful rings of Saturn have always been considered one of the most amazing sights of the solar system. After more than a decade’s time, the rings of the gas giant are now visible at a 26-degree angle from earth!

For friends who hope to obtain really close views of these astronomic miracles, Taipei Astronomical Museum (TAM) will offer the public the opportunity to access powerful professional telescopes between 7 PM and 9 PM on June 17 and June 24.

The ideal time to gaze upon Saturn is June 15. On this date, Saturn is located at the exact opposite side of the sun. Not only is it physically located closer to earth, but it is also brightly illuminated.

To observe the planet, simply look toward the southeastern part of the night sky after sunset. The pale yellow star shining up there should be Saturn.

For related materials and pictures on this astronomical phenomenon, please visit TAM’s “Online TAM” website (

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