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News and Activities

Rhinoceros Beetle Summer Camp Open for Registration on June 14

Rhinoceros Beetle Summer Camp Open for Registration on June 14

The much-anticipated rhinoceros beetle summer camp is here!

Building on the past success of the camp event as part of the “Eco Environment Education Program,” the Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) will hold nine sessions of summer camps featuring the “King of Insects” at the Youth Park’s green classroom in July.

During early morning, male rhinoceros beetles can be seen battling for territory and the mating rights on Formosan Ash trees in Taipei. The insect, characterized by its black shield and unique horns, has been popular among both kids and adults.

According to PSLO, the successful rehabilitation of rhino beetles can be attributed to the effort of the agency in transforming leaves into compost—used for cultivating over 330,000 bonsais of flowers a year for the purpose of city beautification and to breed the insect.

Huang Shih-chieh, an eco-photographer who possesses rich experience in insect breeding and research, will serve as the instructor of the summer camp. The summer camp program – comprising 9 sessions – will take place between July 3 and 9, targeting elementary school students from grades 3 to 6 and their accompanying parents. Each session offers 20 openings.

Online registration starts 9:30 AM, June 14.

Registration site: (Chinese)

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