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News and Activities

DOT to Hold Hackathon for Green Transportation Applications

DOT to Hold Hackathon for Green Transportation Applications

Department of Transportation (DOT) will be holding the “2017 HackNTU” hackathon at Taipei Expo Park between July 21 and 23 in collaboration with the organization of HackNTU and Taidah Entrepreneurship Center.

The event, aimed at developing innovatively value-added transportation applications through utilization of traffic and transport related data, will see the participation of over 500 programmers from home and abroad.

Set to be the largest ever Hackathon in Asia, the 2017 HackNTU spotlights the theme of “Data Science, Civic Technology.” With support from the city government, Chunghwa Telecom, and National Taiwan University, the event marks yet another milestone for the industry, government, and academia to work together for exploring green transportation solutions.

Winners of the competition will receive NT$50,000 (Elite Award), NT$30,000 (Excellence Award), and NT$20,000 (Creativity Award), respectively. Their works will be showcased at World Congress on Information Technology 2017 (WCIT 2017), to be held at Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1 this September in 2017.

To learn more about the competition, visit (Chinese).

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