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Registration for 2017 Fire Safety Summer Camp Begins

Registration for 2017 Fire Safety Summer Camp Begins

Organized by the Fire Department (TFD), the 2017 Fire Safety Summer Camp will begin accepting registrations starting 10 AM on Tuesday, June 13!

According to the agency, the summer camp sessions will take place between July 4 and 28 (on Tuesdays and Fridays). Each session will last from 8:20 AM to 4:10 PM at the TFD Fire Safety Museum (Address: No. 376, Section 2, Chenggong Road, Neihu District).

The program accepts students attending grades 1 through 3 of elementary school in Taipei City or whose household registration (any one of the parents or guardians) is in Taipei City. A total of 128 positions will be reserved for kids from low income or disadvantaged households and children welfare organizations.

TFD announced that 16 sessions will be held throughout summer, with positions available for a total of 1,280 students (80 openings per session).

The summer camp will provide participants with an opportunity to experience various aspects of fire and disaster-related scenarios, such as hands-on experience with firefighting process, smoke, earthquake, and CPR+AED. They will also learn about tips related to survival during fires and earthquakes.

The registration deadline is 5 PM on June 22.

To register, please visit the Chinese website: ( Parents/guardians of kids from disadvantaged households or children welfare organizations can call China Youth Corps (02-85091119, ext. 22, Mr. Huang).

For more information, please contact China Youth Corps (see contact info above) or TFD (02-2729-7668, ext. 8714, Ms. Wu).

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