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News and Activities

Sign up for 2017 Pet Industry Worker Classes

Sign up for 2017 Pet Industry Worker Classes

The 2017 Pet Industry Employee Training Program is now open for registration!

In light of the burgeoning development of pet industry which encompasses pet trade, pet product businesses, and pet hotels, the Animal Protection Office (APO) will organize a series of summer courses for industry workers every Thursday at Taipei Hakka Culture Hall through the month of July and on August 4.

The courses are designed to educate pet businesses on knowledge spanning legal affairs, consumer communication, animal physiology and medical treatment, and animal welfare.

In addition to the necessary knowledge regarding animal protection regulations, the classes will also cover common hereditary diseases in specific canine and feline breeds, as well as knowhow for caring aging cats and dogs.

According to APO Director Yen I-feng, Taipei currently has 78 certified pet businesses. Participants will receive a certificate upon completion of the program, serving to boost business credibility and as an advantage when undergoing government assessment. APO also plans to launch an apprenticeship program later this year for individuals interested in pursuing a career in this field, hoping to inject professionalism into the pet industry and disseminate related information among pet owners.

To register, please visit (Chinese) or call 02-8789-7158, ext. 7019.

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