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2017 Nangang Osmanthus Festival

2017 Nangang Osmanthus Festival

The 2017 Nangang Osmanthus Festival and International Cultural Day will take place at Chengde Elementary School between 9 AM and noon on June 24. The event seeks to introduce the unique beauty of osmanthus in Nangang to visitors, as well as promoting the upcoming Summer Universiade.

Nangang District Office Director Wang Hsien-li noted that this year’s event supports the mayor’s call highlighting the livelihood of local tea farmers. The event invited local farmers to demonstrate the process of tea production, successfully integrating the element of tea aroma to the festival.

To promote the upcoming Universiade, this year’s Nangang Osmanthus Festival invited middle and high schools in the district to showcase the different characteristics and culture of nations in Oceania, whose teams will be hosted by the district during the international sports event.

On the day of the festival, local elementary school students and community groups will put on exciting performances at the main stage. At the fair, there are also booths offering games and challenges, as well as promoting neighborhood attractions and agricultural produce. Of course, there are also osmanthus DIY lessons and places for new immigrants to conduct exchanges.

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