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DEP Kicks-off Summer Activities Spotlighting Nature Themes

DEP Kicks-off Summer Activities Spotlighting Nature Themes

To mark the World Environment Day on June 5, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is organizing a range of activities during summer break to echo the theme of this year—Connecting People with Nature.

Incorporating the City’s 15 environmental education facilities, the program features “Love Nature Cinema,” “Environmental Education Summer Camp,” “City Ecology Lecture,” “Embracing Nature Facebook Sharing,” and more.

Individuals who enjoy outdoor activities are welcome to visit Zhishan Ecological Garden for some tree-climbing fun, visit Guandu Nature Park for an artistic experience blending natural landscape and sounds, or visit Neishuangxi Nature Center to explore forests through engagement in orienteering activities.

Not an outdoor adventurer? The program also offers alternatives that cater to those who prefer more static events, such as the exhibition at National Museum of Taiwan History on our ancestors fighting against floods or the “Biomimicry—Inspired by Nature” exhibition at National Taiwan Science Education Center.

To learn more about the characteristics of various environmental education institutions, please visit (Chinese). To sign up for the summer program, check out (Chinese).

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