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News and Activities

Taipei Animal Shelter to Hold Weekend Adoption Activities during Second Half of 2017

Taipei Animal Shelter to Hold Weekend Adoption Activities during Second Half of 2017

To raise awareness on responsible pet ownership and to encourage adoption of stray animals, the Animal Protection Office (APO) will hold adoption and interactive game events at Taipei Animal Shelter every second and fourth Sunday of the month between June 1 and December 10, 2017. In addition, the frequency of the event will be increased to every Sunday in the months of July and August.

The event encompassing six challenges, visitors who complete four at the booths will receive a souvenir. Those who have adopted an animal and completed all six challenges will get more gifts – including pet food.

Staff members of Taipei Animal Shelter will select two “Pets of the Day” from the denizens of the kennel or cattery. Individuals who intend to adopt a pet on the day of the event are invited to take the fifth and sixth challenges to win prizes.

The fifth challenge involves acquisition of pet behavior knowledge and interaction with the pet on duty following the instructions from animal trainers. The final challenge requires participants to bring their adopted companion to the counter for adoption procedures and vaccination.

According to APO, information of related activities will be published on the agency’s Facebook and other social networking platforms to attract the younger generations. Events like these are designed to promote animal welfare and, hopefully, can help reduce the number of homeless felines and canines.

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