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News and Activities

Mayor Attends Interpellation at City Council

Mayor Attends Interpellation at City Council

Mayor Ko Wen-je attended an interpellation session at Taipei City Council on June 1.

Regarding the preparations for 2017 Taipei-Shanghai Forum and whether or not teams from the PRC would be participating in 2017 Summer Universiade, the mayor reiterated the city government’s stance of respecting the decisions made on the other side of the Strait.

As for the costs and benefits of broadcasting Universiade events, Ko promised to instruct agencies responsible for the operations to submit relevant documents for city councilors’ review.

Concerning the standards on which agencies base their KPI goals and draw strategy maps, the mayor reckoned that the indicators and strategies for certain departments should be modified and examined on a constant basis. The issue of the extra budget for Taipei Performing Arts Center exceeding the 15% cap is currently under investigation by the Department of Government Ethics, Ko told city councilors.

On the matter of senior welfare, the mayor expressed his opposition to one-time consumption measures. He added that the city government is reviewing policies related to the well-being of the elderly following recent measures to provide fast-tracked outpatient service to people aged 80 and over.

With respect to cultural issues, Ko remarked that Deputy Mayor Lin Chin-rong will oversee the transfer of Zoo Mall’s management from Taipei Zoo to the Department of Cultural Affairs. The department also received instructions to review the City’s regulations governing street performers and to publish the results in one month.

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