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DOS: Public Participation Encouraged for Facility Planning at Tianmu Sports Park

DOS: Public Participation Encouraged for Facility Planning at Tianmu Sports Park

Citing a recent report on equipment and facility planning for Tianmu Sports Park, the Department of Sports (DOS) expressed its gratitude to the suggestions submitted by the public. It also announced that future playground facilities will incorporate public opinion and participation.

According to the agency, the existing playground facilities are outdated, lack safety distance, and exhibit signs of deterioration. It has allocated funds for overhauling. The new plans will focus on children safety, seeking to renovate existing facilities as well as incorporating interactive equipment.

Regarding the planned facilities, at the current stage DOS is looking at facilities that offer challenges and allow for climbing actions. This will provide children with the opportunity to stimulate physical development and invigorate brain activities. The sandbox area will see the installation of washing basin, as well as redeployment of the swing and sand box with consideration of safety distance.

In the future, the playground will also evaluate the possibility of installing barrier-free facilities to meet the needs of different users.

To ensure that the planning for the playground meets the demand of local residents, DOS will organize information meetings to collect the opinions and suggestions of the public, allowing them to take part in the design and planning process. The design will be adjusted after the acquiring of public opinion to provide children with quality and safe playground environment.

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