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Birdwatcher's Guide to the Taipei Region

Birdwatcher's Guide
“Birdwatcher’s Guide to the Taipei Region” is published in full-colour and highlights famous bird watching areas like U-lai, Fei-cui reservoir and Ping-deng-li etc. Combined with a tour guide of scenic paths, this book emphasizes birds’ plumage, habitual behavior and which birds can be seen in a specific season. It also provides complete information about orientation and transportation, with detailed pictures and maps of bird watching areas. The readers can buy it from big bookstores like Sanmin Bookstore, Elite Bookstore, King Stone Bookstore, Hess Bookstore, Xin-Xue-you Bookstore, Jian-hong Bookstore and retail sales of Mandarin Daily News and Display Center of the City of Taipei Publications etc.

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  • Birdwatcher's Guide
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