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Insect Hotels Established at Daan Forest Park

The 2017 Daan Forest Park Eco Fair took place at Daan Park during the weekend of June 10 and 11. The Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO) has set up “insect hotels” at the park to demonstrate the variety of local ecology.
Insects are considered to be the most populous creature on earth with the most variety. Insects comprise over 85-percent among the known creatures on our planet. They play important roles in the food chain, handling decomposition, serving as bio-index, assisting in pollination, and even involving in aspects of economic production.
Director Huang Li-yuan of Parks and Street Lights Office noted that insects help improve our daily life, citing examples such as bees helping pollination and beetles contributing to the decomposition process. He noted that the insect hotels are hand-crafted by the agency’s staff using recycled and old materials, hoping to create abodes for insects such as solitary bees and beetles.
Director Yang Shu-hui of Youth Park Management Office noted that there are many varieties among insects, from the beautiful butterflies to the passionate crickets to the flashy stag beetles to the praying mantis. There are many trees located on the parameters of the Daan Forest Park. These trees help to purify the air and provide comfortable homes for insects. Even when trees fall, they also serve as fertilizers to help our environment.
Insects enrich the life of human beings and make this world more beautiful. We have to protect them and provide them with an ideal living environment, helping to strengthen the interaction among the denizens of the natural world.